4 Tips for Mellowing the Holiday Season Stress

Benefit Trends December 6, 2017

December is one of the busiest months of the year in the healthcare insurance industry. Pile all of those added holiday season stressors on top, and you’ve got a recipe for a tense ‘best time of the year.’

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 tips to keep your holiday (and busy season) jolly. Let’s jingle all the way to a carefree December, or at least decrease those peaking holiday stress levels.

1. Venture Outdoors

It can be tough to get outside in the winter months. That icy weather is definitely deterring. And for some of us, it’s dark when we get up and dark when we get home from work!

But don’t put off your need for fresh air and sunlight with a simple shrug. A lack of sunlight can really ruin your mood. Getting outside can lower your stress levels and blood pressure. Going for a quick walk is also a great alternative to passing out on the couch after a huge family meal.

And if the weather is too rough, take some time to sit near a bright window. You could be in some serious need of some vitamin D.

2. Sleep Enough (or more than enough)

Everyone acts like the holidays will be a time of peace and restfulness, but when they’re here it seems like all anyone is doing is running around trying to get everything ready!

Along with mood changes and trouble concentrating, a lack of sleep can also weaken your immune system and raise your blood pressure. Straining your energy to get everything checked off your to-do list won’t do you any good if you’re miserable and can’t enjoy any of it!

Let’s go back to the basics and vow to actually make this season restful. Go to bed at a reasonable time, hit the snooze button once in a while, and have the energy to appreciate all your hard work.

3. Say No Sometimes

It’s easy to get into the holiday spirit of giving, and before you know it, you’ve agreed to host two bake sales, plan a canned food drive, organize the office gift exchange, wrap all of the presents for that one person in your family who just can’t wrap (you know the one), and you still have all those appointments and meetings on your calendar vying for your full attention.

Giving is great, and it can make us feel great, too, but, like with anything, moderation is key. If you give, and give, and give, then there’s nothing left for yourself. Pick and choose a few special ways to give this holiday season. Don’t overload and leave yourself drained.

4. Unplug

This may be the most difficult tip to follow of all. In this day in age, we are all practically one with our smartphones. But when it’s family and friend time, you don’t need to be in sync with everything that’s happening second-by-second.

I know, I know. You must make sure so-and-so got your email! You need that perfect pic of the tree or the snow! You have to document Grandma’s amazing dinner! You should confirm the deal went through!

Take a deep breath, take a step back, and realize that all of these pings in your pocket are pulling you away from the present with the people you care about. Even just scrolling through your feed can make you feel as though your holiday was inferior to someone else’s, which is just a silly thing to compare.

Leave your phone out of reach and see how much lighter you feel.





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