Member Story: A Little Help Goes A Long Way

All Travel Safety July 7, 2016

One of our Ultimate Health members, Shannon, recently told us about a little-known aspect of the Ultimate Health plan that really saved her day.

She was at the airport, about to travel back to the United States from a business trip abroad when she came down with a terrible headache that would have made her 8-hour flight home unbearable. Shannon is allergic to aspirin so taking any medication that contained aspirin could cause anaphylaxis and could be lethal.

Luckily, she remembered that the Ultimate Health online travel portal, which all members have access to, includes a drug translation tool. This tool can be used to find the right medication in another country that is equivalent to what you would need in the U.S. Shannon used the tool to find the ibuprofen equivalent that she could take to avoid her allergy and alleviate her headache.

So, you can see how even this relatively small component of Ultimate Health can have a dramatic impact on a member’s life.

We know that each member faces unique challenges because everyone has different health needs, and we strive to provide tools, guidance, and coverage that is flexible enough to meet these different needs. No problem is too small to warrant our help and no tool is too small to make a significant impact.

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