Armada Pays It Forward: Community Service

Benefit Trends August 22, 2018

At the start of summer, Armada held our inaugural Day or Service event. We partnered with Playworks to beautify a local Baltimore elementary school’s recess space. In addition to giving back to the community, the Day of Service gave Armada employees the opportunity to come together outside of the work environment to collaborate as a team and create something meaningful.

As Armada President, Ed Walker, says in the below video, our company motto is, “Work hard, have fun, respect the individual and pay it forward.” During our Day of Service, we were able to do all four of those things to both enrich our employees’ lives and the lives of those in our Baltimore community.

Since Armada is a company that stands on pillars of health, wellness and innovation, it was important that our Day of Service reflect those principals, and we found that opportunity with Playworks, a non-profit that helps schools and youth centers create recess and play environments where every child can experience the power of play to strengthen their social, emotional and physical skills.

It was also important to encourage our own employees to experience the power of play during the Day of Service. Armidians tackled this challenge with enthusiasm. Employees who may not typically cross paths were able to work together in a new environment and come away with fulfillment and meaningful memories.

Watch how our Day of Service played out in this video:

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