“Best-in-Class” Customer Satisfaction Rating 2 Years Running

All Benefit Trends January 27, 2017

We are very excited to announce that for the second year in a row now, Armada has received a “best-in-class” Net Promoter Score (NPS). Up 10 full points from last year, our score of +68 once again ranks us with the leading companies in customer satisfaction, like Amazon (+69), Southwest (+62), and Zappos (+57).

What is NPS?

NPS is a simple and easy way to measure loyalty and the likelihood of customer referrals. At its core, NPS consists of one easy question: “How likely is it that you would recommend this company or product to a friend or colleague?” It’s based on a simple 0 to 10 scale. A zero means that the respondent would not recommend the service to someone else, while a 10 indicates that he or she is extremely likely to recommend it.

Each number then falls into one of three categories:

  • DETRACTOR – A score of 6 or below
  • PASSIVE – A score of 7 or 8
  • PROMOTER – A score of 9 or 10

The actual NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters; passives don’t count. So, it’s much easier to have detractors than promoters, skewing the odds in a lower score’s favor. Simply receiving a positive score is hailed as excellent by numerous companies!

For more details on the Net Promoter Score, check out this blog post.

Armada’s Commitment to Service Excellence

In 2015, we measured our NPS for the first time and were thrilled with the results: +58. We have always been committed to providing the highest standard of customer service possible, but until NPS, we had yet to find a way to truly measure how we were doing. NPS has confirmed that our commitment to service has a positive impact.

This year, we continue this commitment with an even higher score and will continue to strive for betterment! In addition to this best-in-class NPS score, ArmadaCare has just been named a finalist for the Stevie Awards, the world’s premier business awards, for Front-Line Customer Service. And now, with a score 56 points higher than the health insurance industry average (+12), we can’t wait to keep bringing great service to the health benefits landscape!


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