Beyond Coverage

At ArmadaCare, we take great pride in forging new paths and redefining what insurance can be. We create supplemental health insurance plans that pay for routine and elective out-of-pocket medical expenses, not just unexpected ones. Having great coverage is only part of what makes us different – it’s also the built-in conveniences and support services that make our plans easy to use and highly valued.

Executive Physicals by the Numbers

Ultimate Health members take better care of themselves after an executive physical exam:

increase in preventive services

increase in wellness services

increase in prescription usage

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Delivering uncommon solutions to help you protect what matters most.

We realize that taking care of key employees is more than just about coverage. A well-designed health solution can drive loyalty and retention, while also helping to protect top talent’s health and ability to be productive—that includes removing distractions so they can stay focused on the business. That’s why we include various valuable support services as part of our solutions. These additional benefits are available with select products.

Learn more about our valuable support services below.

Connect & Thrive

Personalized and timely access to confidential mental health and well-being assessment, care navigation, coaching and counseling support services.

TopDoc Connect®

Our specialist matching service that helps members find the perfect physician specialist for their condition, enabling them to avoid misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment.

Executive Physical Program

An elective executive-focused prevention program that includes coverage and navigation services in order to facilitate early detection and drive better health outcomes.

Get Me Home®

Fully paid air evacuation for medical, security, political or natural disaster emergencies to a member’s chosen hospital when 100+ miles from home, in addition to all of the Emergency Travel Services.

Emergency Travel Services

24/7/365 emergency medical and dental referrals, facilitation of hospital payments, replacement services for lost or stolen prescriptions or passports, lost luggage assistance and much more, when 100+ miles from home.

These additional benefits are coordinated with ArmadaCare’s service providers and subject to specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as defined in the policy and corresponding Certificate of Insurance. TopDoc Connect services do not include behavioral health or addiction.

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