Business Travel’s Hidden Baggage

All Executive Health Travel Safety June 7, 2016

In today’s globalized business world, traveling is a necessity. Despite the technological advances that have made communication and transactions between far off places very possible, face-to-face meetings remain a prevalent and preferred method of business relations. And therefore you, or your employees, are probably what one might call a ‘business traveler.’

Although this title comes with gorgeous window views and a jet setting lifestyle, there are also dangers associated with frequent business travel that you may not know about.

Negative Implications of Frequent Traveling:

  • Higher risk of obesity: Those who travel often eat less fresh foods, generally intake more alcohol, and have less opportunity for exercise.
  • Faster aging: Jet lag has been linked to disrupting gene expression which influences aging.
  • Excessive exposure to radiation: Radiation exposure is much higher at a higher altitude. Flying about 85,000 miles a year exceeds the regulatory limit for radiation of most countries.
  • Increased likelihood of suffering a stroke, heart attack or deep-vein thrombosis: These increased risks are especially associated with long-haul travel.
  • Weaker immune system: Breathing the same recirculated air during a long flight exposes passengers to more germs. In addition, jet lag and the general tiredness associated with preparation for and the act of travel can “switch off” genes linked to the immune system.
  • Higher risk of mental issues: Jet lag disrupts the circadian rhythm and can cause mood swings, disorientation, an inability to focus and sleep problems.
  • Stress: Traveling for work rarely comes with a reduced workload, so business travelers are expected to keep a full work schedule even when exhausted and sick.

With all of these adverse effects that come along with business travelers in their carry-on, it’s plain to see that these individuals need health protection that goes above and beyond.

Ultimate Health, a supplemental healthcare reimbursement plan, includes Take Me Home, a travel and medical emergency program. It contains services that can help alleviate the stress of traveling with a travel portal, translation tool and medication converter, as well as provide help if the unexpected happens while traveling, like losing your medication or breaking your leg. There is even fully-paid medical air evacuation to get you to a hospital where you can receive the appropriate care.

Ultimate Health also includes an Executive Physical Program that works to catch and address health issues that a business traveler may be more disposed to. If a business traveler does find that they need specialty care, the TopDoc Connect component of Ultimate Health will get them to the best specialty physician and on the right treatment path. And to top it all off, Ultimate Health can offer up to $100,000 of coverage, so that these individuals can get the care they need.

Sometimes traveling for business comes with the job, and unfortunately, these negative implications are along for the ride. But having a proper plan in place can make all the difference in keeping business travelers healthy. So if you or your employees travel for business, consider Ultimate Health.

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