Happy 100 Blog Articles: A Look Back

All Benefit Trends Executive Health October 4, 2017

This month, Armada Articles becomes a year and a half old, and our blog post last week marked 100 articles! We’ve enjoyed sharing healthcare and business stories and trends with you over the past year and a half and are excited for all of the articles to come. We always strive to provide our partners, clients and members with end-to-end service and valuable information, and this blog has furthered our ability to do so.

We decided what better way to celebrate 100 articles than to look back at some of our favorites.

Make Health Benefits the Trendy New Recruitment Tool

This was our very first post! How to attract the elusive top talent takes more than hip food courts and trendy ping pong tables. It takes investing into an invaluable aspect of their lives: their health.

Travel Pet Protection: For When the Going Gets Ruff

This article highlights one of Ultimate Health’s most unique features. Included in the Take Me Home emergency travel program is an emergency pet housing or return service.

Defining Supplemental: The Hard-Hitting Questions

This informative post discusses all the different types of supplemental in one article. As leaders in the supplemental insurance landscape, we want to make sure our readers know the difference between supplemental categories!

Healthy ‘Ed’ition

Last fall, we challenged our CEO, Ed Walker, to run the Baltimore City Marathon at the peak of busy season. We followed along with Ed’s training in a series of blog posts called Healthy ‘Ed’ition where he gave us insight into his daily routine, unexpected obstacles and how Ultimate Health helped him along the way.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m Tired of Rising Healthcare Costs, How ‘Bout You?

In this post, our Director of Sales gave us the rundown, complete with important numbers and statistics, about how rising healthcare costs hampered his Valentine’s day

A Difficult Diagnosis: A TopDoc Connect Member Story

This article showcases a moving member story about how our specialty physician matching service helped a cancer patient find a specialist she trusted in this difficult time.

Retention Tension

A growing challenge in every industry, retention difficulties continue to top the list of employer issues. This article discusses powerful statistics and what they mean for talent retention.

Flexible Coverage: See the Difference

One-size-fits-all plans, and even some supplemental plans that are subject to disease and event limitations, lack the flexibility needed to truly protect people from year to year. This post discusses how Ultimate Health coverage can ebb and flow as needs change, complete with 4 stories.

3 Things You Can Learn About Health Benefits from the Pumpkin Spice Latte

One of our most popular posts, this article discusses 3 surprising take aways that both employers and brokers can learn from this beloved autumn beverage.

Super Supplemental: Expense Reimbursed Insured

Number 100! Not only did this post bring us to our first 100, but it covers one of our favorite topics: expense reimbursed insured supplemental plans. This category of supplemental is powerful and versatile, and it’s the type of supplemental that all of our insurance products fall into!

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