Healthy ‘Ed’ition: I Can See Clearly Now

All October 12, 2016

With the race just days away, I can almost see the finish line!

I’ve been running before and after work to step up my workout in the final weeks. Fall has really started to set in, and the sun hanging differently in the sky is affecting my eyes.

My wife reminded me that I used to have a pair of prescription running sunglasses tucked away somewhere—but after a brief sweep, I couldn’t seem to find them. I shrugged it off and decided I would deal with the glare. But after a few more days, I started to get headaches, too.

So after re-searching the house for a very elusive pair of sunglasses, my wife made me an appointment with the optometrist. And now I am the very lucky owner of a new pair of prescription running glasses (also covered by Ultimate Health).

Now, decked out in all the right gear, I’ll be ready for the Baltimore Marathon, rain or shine!

Thanks so much for following along. Check back next week to see how the race went, and you can relive my journey here:

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