The Importance of Technology in Benefits

Benefit Trends Executive Health September 19, 2019

Technology is present in almost every facet of life. From smartphones to smart homes, data and tech inform day-to-day decision making. So how will technology change the landscape of the employee benefits industry?

The Developing Relationship Between Benefits and Tech

If you can grocery shop through your fridge and deposit a check from the comfort of your couch, why not use tech to manage your health insurance claims, too? As it turns out, you can. Employers are finding that the inclusion of tech, such as mobile apps, can actually improve employee participation in and utilization of their supplemental benefits offerings. Why? Because when all the information they need to make an informed decision is at their fingertips, employees can gain a better grasp on how their benefits function and which benefits best suit their needs.[1] As stated in an HR Technologist article, “Embracing a digital benefits strategy can turn those long hours of employee frustrations into an opportunity to educate and connect with your employees, providing them with useful information about their benefits.”[2]

Wearable Tech – a Weapon for Health and Wellness

The presence of technology in benefits goes beyond its mere convenience. Wearable technology such as smartwatches have become a rising trend in wellness benefits and an appreciated added perk. Not only does it provide valuable insight and data into employee health and wellness trends, wearable tech also encourages fitness and may also uncover health issues that would otherwise go unnoticed, allowing them to be addressed quicker.[3] PWC projects that there will be more than 75 million wearable tech devices in offices worldwide by 2020.[4] As capabilities continue to become more sophisticated, we can expect tech devices and services to take our industry by storm in the years to come.

How ArmadaCare’s Products Incorporate Tech

ArmadaCare’s suite of supplemental health plans includes the convenience and ease of technology. In our ­­­­ArmadaCare Benefits app, our members can file a claim on the go in just a few taps. Participants can check the status of a claim, manage their health benefit accounts and organize applicable receipts, all while avoiding tedious and time-consuming paperwork. With direct deposit, you’ll also bypass snail mail and receive your reimbursements even faster.

Save your employees valuable time and give them the benefit of convenience. Learn about our expense reimbursed insured plans today.





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