Is Innovation Driving a New Category of Desired Top Talent?

All Benefit Trends Executive Health May 24, 2017

When preparing to recruit ‘top talent,’ your mind typically goes to those candidates with the skills, expertise and leadership experience to make a positive impact and drive positive change at your company. It’s also important to think of the talent gaps that these people are needed to fill.

We know that recruiting and winning over these individuals has become increasingly difficult with the abundance of job options available in the market and the shrinking talent pool. But what if your company’s competition wasn’t JUST other companies?

Let’s return to those talent gaps I mentioned before. The current business environment is one that holds innovation as a major key to success. In other words, a company’s ideas, creativity and ability to transform with the changing needs and trends is pivotal to its bottom line. What’s becoming evident is that there’s a talent gap when it comes to innovators in many companies. You don’t just need someone with today’s skills and expertise; you need someone who has the intuition to sculpt and invent the ideas of tomorrow.

So where do you turn to find that kind of top talent—especially in a job seekers’ market?

It’s not enough to seek professionals with experience. Instead, this category of top talent is likely preparing to found their own companies. Entrepreneurial qualities go hand-in-hand with the innovative qualities that companies need today.

As discussed in this article, hiring this kind of talent is a win-win: your company gains an innovator and you eliminate potentially disruptive competitors in your industry by bringing them on-board.

How do you do that, you ask?

Shared values and an openness to new ideas that allows for creative freedom will go a long way, but of course, compensation and benefits are part of the equation. Your typical competitive salary, however, isn’t likely to be as compelling as usual with this type of talent. Instead, they will seek a type of total compensation package that reflects their contributions to the company.

I think this article says it best: “It will become a question not just of how much those individuals will need to be paid but how (in what form) that compensation will come to them.”

It will take a combination of elements that are not necessarily new to the compensation and benefits realm, but that will better reflect the type of relationship this kind of talent has with the business: not just an employee, but a driving force.

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