Inside Look Video Series: Is Ultimate Health a Gap Plan?

Complementary Benefits Executive Health December 20, 2017

Is Ultimate health a gap plan? It’s a question we hear a lot. Namely because the word “gap” has a lot of ideas attached to it.

Similar to the word “supplemental,” when people hear “gap,” their minds typically jump to what are known as worksite voluntary plans, like critical illness or cancer policies. These kinds of supplemental insurance plans are designed to fill gaps for those specific events or disease. So when you incur expenses due to a critical illness or cancer, this coverage is there to fill in some of the gaps that your primary plan won’t cover. But if you don’t meet the event or disease requirements, no coverage kicks in.

While Ultimate Health also fills gaps, it isn’t limited to a specific event or disease. So even if your coverage gap is for a health expense not related to cancer or critical illness, you’ll still get reimbursed! That makes Ultimate Health’s coverage much broader and more flexible. Worksite voluntary plans can fill some gaps, but Ultimate Health aims to fill as many as we can!

Our Sales Director, Nick Limneos, says it best in this video:

So yes, Ultimate Health is a gap plan, but it’s more than what may immediately come to mind. It’s a true gap filler!

To learn more, visit our webinar page to explore the live webinars we are currently offering. We always save time at the end to answer your questions. We hope to see you there!

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