Member Travel Story: A Fall from Great Heights

All Benefit Trends Travel Safety June 7, 2017

Let us be the first to officially welcome you to the summer travel season! Itineraries are in the works and suitcases are getting filled as vacations creep closer on the calendar.

Though considering what could go wrong at your destination may not be the most fun part of your pre-trip planning, it’s important to be prepared. But how do you plan for something you can’t foresee?

Sometimes, just knowing you have a plan in place can give you piece of mind, and if something were to go wrong, having emergency services at your disposal could make all the difference.

Ultimate Health includes Take Me Home, an emergency travel program that provides fully paid air evacuation, hospital and medical record facilitation, flight rearrangements and countless other services that are ready and waiting in the event of an emergency when you are away from home.

We would like to share the story of a member who faced an unimaginable scare and the support he received during a terrifying and trying time.

An Accident in Sweden

Ultimate Health member, Howard, contacted our team after his son, Josh, fell from a 5th floor balcony while traveling in Sweden. Josh sustained multiple traumas: a liver laceration, lung contusion and pneumothorax, a pelvic fracture and multiple limb fractures.

“The only bright spots during all of this were my conversations with Armada. Everyone I spoke to was concerned about Josh and showed true compassion,” notes Howard. “With my primary insurance company, I felt like one of the masses, but with Armada, I felt like my son was the only focus.”

Josh was stabilized at a local trauma center and underwent several operations then was placed in an induced coma for three weeks. Travel arrangements were made for Howard so he could be with his son in the hospital in Sweden.

Coming Back Home

Once Josh was stable enough, Armada facilitated his and Howard’s flight back to the U.S. Working with the physicians overseas, Armada’s Team was able to obtain the medical records necessary to facilitate the transfer and medical care to the United States.

“When my son was able to be flown back, Armada handled everything. I was pretty amazed by the level of service they provided. It was definitely concierge quality,” says Howard. “Armada was focused on Josh’s comfort regardless of the cost. The financial assistance part of Ultimate Health is obviously nice to have, but it’s their exceptional level of VIP service that really makes Armada stand out.”

From the moment Armada was contacted and informed of the situation, we were able to use our resources to provide Howard and his son with the attention and specialist recommendations needed for an optimal outcome.

Through TopDoc Connect, also included in Ultimate Health, we accessed our proprietary navigation system of credentialed physicians and identified top physicians for Josh who specialize in critical care and trauma. Josh has since made a full recovery.

“As a former CEO of a large restaurant chain, I know what it takes to provide great customer service and that’s exactly what we got from Armada. When my son was lying there with 70 staples in his body, I needed support, compassion and follow up. Armada provided all of that without me even asking for it. The financial assistance part of Ultimate Health is nice to have, but it’s their exceptional level of VIP service that really makes Armada stand out.”


Available when traveling 100 miles or more from home, Take Me Home emergency services are provided by UnitedHealthcare Global and subject to their terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Take Me Home is a registered mark of UnitedHealthcare Global.



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