WellPak offers employers an all-in-one health insurance solution to boost employee mental health and well-being with coverage and access for coaching, counseling and more.

A Single 360-Degree Solution

With employees suffering from burnout 3 times more likely to leave,1 there is a clear connection between emotional well-being, productivity, job satisfaction and retention. Traditional approaches to addressing workplace mental health, such as EAPs and carrier programs, have consistently fallen short. As a result of the pandemic and remote-first work, supporting employee mental health is a business priority.

WellPak was designed specifically to meet this need. A fully insured indemnity plan at its core, WellPak is the perfect combination of coverage and support that makes accessing and affording behavioral health treatments easier for employees.

1 Gallup, 2018

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WellPak includes Connect & Thrive to support employees across a continuum of mental health needs, from everyday stressors to care that addresses crisis, addiction and critical chronic illness.

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Boost resilience and productivity.

Effective support for mental health and well-being can make a difference even for healthy employees, enabling them to be more focused and productive. WellPak gives employees what they need: extra coverage to help pay for treatment to stay well or get better, and support resources to ensure they get the right care right when they need it.

Targeted Coverage

Reduce the stigma around seeking mental health care by offering coverage for treatment, office visits (both mental and physical), prescriptions and more. The WellPak High plan also includes coverage toward elective executive physicals for members and thier enrolled spouse to determine health status and detect issues early.

Stress Reduction

Be proactive in helping employees deal with stress by offering coverage for wellness treatments, such as prescribed massage therapy, acupuncture and more.

Coaching & Counseling

Provide employees with Connect & Thrive, a single point of access to expert well-being coaches, behavioral health providers and treatment resources ready and able to meet them at the level of their needs. *

*Connect & Thrive services are coordinated with ArmadaCare’s designated service provider and subject to specific terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions as defined in the policy and corresponding Certificate of Insurance.



Percentage of employees who report suffering from burnout, making it 3x more likely they will leave a job. (Gallup, 2020)


Number of employees who feel their mental health benefits are inadequate. (The Hartford Future of Benefits Study, 2020)


How much more likely behavioral health office visits are to be out-of-network than primary care ones. (Milliman, 2020)

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