Take Me Home for the Holidays

Benefit Trends Travel Safety December 14, 2016

With the holiday season comes winter getaways to beautiful snowy places or tropical oases, but are you really as protected during travel as you are when you’re at home?

At Ultimate Health, we understand the importance of seamless access to quality healthcare wherever you are. That’s why we’ve partnered with UnitedHealthcare Global to offer Take Me Home emergency medical services as part of Ultimate Health.

These 24/7/365 services include:

  • Fully-paid medical air evacuation
  • Emergency medical and dental referrals
  • Replacement of lost or stolen prescriptions, medical equipment, glasses or documents
  • Facilitation of hospital records and payments
  • Much more

So wherever you may roam—for business or pleasure, domestically or internationally—we want to make sure you make it safely home for the holidays.


Traveling this holiday season? Make sure to bring your Membership Cards with you or put the appropriate phone numbers into your smartphone so you have them handy in case you need anything!


Take Me Home isn’t just great during the holiday travel season; it’s also an important asset for business travelers to keep them protected while away and mitigate risk for your company. With Take Me Home, your HR Director won’t be tasked with handling an emergency situation without the tools to do so. Instead, Take Me Home will be there to help!


Take Me Home is included with Ultimate Health as a unique additional feature. Find out what else this plan has to offer in addition to robust healthcare reimbursement: Discover now.

Holiday Travel Safety

If you’re headed on the road or to the airport, there are things that you can do on your own to stay safe and healthy. Check out these tips!

A registered mark of UnitedHealthcare Global, Take Me Home is provided by UnitedHealthcare Global and subject to their terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. TopDoc Connect is facilitated by ArmadaHealth and subject to their terms and conditions; ArmadaHealth is not a provider of healthcare or medical treatment or advice.

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