The 3 P’s of Safe Travel

All Travel Safety April 26, 2016

In an increasingly global society, more and more people are traveling internationally and domestically for a multitude of reasons, from vacations and business trips to study abroad and volunteerism. Whatever the reason you decide to jet away to new lands, make sure your trip will be a safe one.

The Center for Disease Control outlines a few best practices for staying Proactive, Prepared, and Protected when traveling. We’ll calls those our 3 P’s of Safe Travel. Let’s delve a little deeper.


Know before you go! The key to being Proactive is taking the initiative to do a little research about your travel destination so that you can know before you go.

You may discover that you need certain vaccinations or a visa in order to travel to this location. Or there could be an event, protest, or festival going on that you should know about. And what about the weather conditions during the time of year that you’re traveling?

It’s important to look into all of these variables. Being Proactive can help you with the next P.


Once you know what you need to bring with you, you can be sufficiently Prepared for the requirements of your destination.

You’ll also want to consider preparations for your health. Are you traveling with a condition? Make sure you have all of the medications that you need.

It’s also important to be Prepared for the unexpected, too. Emergency numbers, translation tools, and back up documents can come in handy if you find yourself in a tricky situation.


And, of course, being Prepared helps you stay Protected while you travel. You also want to ensure that you receive continuity of care when you travel. Check to see if your healthcare will work at your destination and that your health information can be easily transferred. In the event that you encounter an emergency, you will want to be covered.

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Use sunscreen, insect repellent, and protective gear as necessary
  • Respect the laws and customs of your destination
  • Be aware of the food and water you intake

This is where we come in.

ArmadaCare has partnered with UnitedHealthcare Global to offer emergency travel services through our products Ultimate Health and TopDoc Connect. These services take the 3 P’s to a whole new level.

The services include a Travel Portal that can inform you about your destination before you go. It also includes a translation tool for when you’re at your destination and need help navigating an unfamiliar language. It can even help you find the equivalent to the over-the-counter medication you need in a different country.

And if you misplace something important, no worries! We provide replacement of lost or stolen prescriptions, passports, and glasses.

If illness does strike while you’re traveling, we can point you toward a great hospital, provider, or urgent care facility near you. We also facilitate transfer of medical records and even blood, if it’s not available where you are.

These services not only help you with the 3 P’s, but they help you travel confidently, too. With our emergency travel program, you can embark on your next adventure knowing you are a shoo-in for travel safety. Ready to learn more?

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