A Difficult Diagnosis: A TopDoc Connect Member Story

All Beyond Coverage October 26, 2016

Facing a difficult, unexpected diagnosis can be shocking, scary, isolating and a multitude of other blinding emotions that ultimately leave you staring into the unknown ahead of you, asking yourself, “What now?”

There’s pressure to act quickly and make the right decision, but how do you know where to turn during this critical window?

We talk a lot about how important it is to receive the best, right specialty care for your condition, but now we’d like you to hear from one of our members on what that really means.

The Best Doctor for My Condition from ArmadaGlobal on Wistia.

Our member, Michelle, was blindsided when her cancer returned. TopDoc Connect helped her find and access a doctor that she trusted to help her face the battle once again.

Making the call to TopDoc Connect means that we will listen to your diagnosis, your preferences, your history and any other details that make your circumstance specific to you. Then we work together with the leading minds in medicine to find and connect you with the best specialists for you. TopDoc Connect guidance is objective, thorough and intent on helping you through a difficult time and onto your path to better health.

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