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It’s April! What does that mean?

The weather is teetering between downpours and sunshine, April the giraffe is somehow still pregnant and many of you will soon be jetting away on spring getaways, whether that’s to a relaxing oasis or a family spring break vacation.

We’d like to take a moment to wish you safe travels and remind you of a few travel safety tools that are incorporated into our premier health plan, Ultimate Health.

Ultimate Health includes Take Me Home, which provides many emergency travel services, such as fully paid medical air evacuation and lost or stolen passport replacement, but we’d like to focus on the Travel Portal. The travel portal is an online resource that can help with pre-trip planning and travel safety at your destination.  Let’s go over a few of our favorite features:

Custom Travel Reports

Traveling with a pre-existing condition can be unnerving if you aren’t sure how to plan for your destination. Using the Travel Portal, you can create a custom report that will give you tips on traveling to your destination with your condition. Traveling while pregnant, traveling with diabetes and traveling with oxygen are just a few examples of the reports you can generate.

International Drug Equivalencies

If you’re traveling to a country outside of the U.S., chances are their drugs, even over the counter ones, will have a different name than you’re used to. The travel portal has a tool to find the name of the drug you’re looking for at your destination.

This tool came in especially handy for a member who was allergic to aspirin so taking any medication that contained aspirin could have caused anaphylaxis and could be lethal. Check out her story here.

Medical Phrase Translation Tool

I’m sure this is everyone’s worst fear. Finding yourself in a medical situation in another country, but not being able to figure out what anyone is saying! This tool will ensure that you know what’s going on if you find yourself in a medical situation at a destination where you don’t speak the language.


From currency to electricity to area codes, the Travel Portal has all the converters that you might need while at your destination.

For more information about Ultimate Health or the Take Me Home program, head over here. Or reach out at

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