What’s New with ArmadaCare?

All Benefit Trends Executive Health March 22, 2018

As you may have noticed, ArmadaCare is growing and evolving! From new products to new team members, we are thrilled by what these advancements can mean for you! With that said, there are many company characteristics that aren’t changing—elements like our world-class service and A-rated carriers that remain core to what we do.

Take a look at the chart below to keep up-to-date on what’s new at ArmadaCare, and refresh on the essentials that we are proud to say are here for the long run.

What’s New? What’s Not?
  • Plena Health and ComplaMed: Two new expense reimbursed insured products. Along with Ultimate Health, these products make up our supplemental suite that provides a range of coverage and pricing options to provide valuable targeted coverage.
  • Claims Concierge: We’ve rolled out a hands-off claim filing service where members can step back from the details and have their claims filed by their Claims Advocate Team on their behalf.
  • 2018 NPS of +72: This year’s customer loyalty metric put us in the “World Class” category, on par with top companies in customer satisfaction like Amazon and Southwest.
  • New states: Our products are available across the U.S. Please contact for availability.
  • Easy Appointments: Interested in learning more about ArmadaCare? It’s simple to speak to one of our product experts by picking a time that works for you via this online appointment setter.
  • Ultimate Health, our premier expense reimbursed product, remains a market-leading product, known for its ability to attract, retain and reward the country’s top talent.
  • Our insurance products are always backed by A rated carriers. We only write on A paper.
  • Our award-winning member, client and broker services teams are consistently performing at white-glove service levels.
  • Claims turnaround is fast, within 5 to 7 business days, with direct deposit straight to your bank account.
  • With a 95.4% retention rate, we aim to keep members and clients happy for life.
  • We know our members’ time is important. Our member services team answers calls within 13 seconds or less.
  • All of our products include claims filing and management tools both online and via our mobile app for ease-of-use.


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